Applying to To The Nations Fellowship is a 3 stage process.  You must complete each step before proceeding with the next.

STEP 1: Trip Proposal (Approving the Trip In Principle)

Please print and read all the information in the TTNF Overview, the Instruction Manual, as well as the Process Checklist.  Keep these for your records.

Next, you must fill out the Applicant Information Form as well as the Trip Proposal Form.  (you can save the files to your computer, fill them out, resave them then email them to  If you prefer, you can print them out and send them to our office.  (our address is on the contact page)

You will be notified regarding the status of the approval ......



Once your trip is approved in theory, you will be asked to submit the following forms.  Please refer to the instruction manual to complete the Statement of Senders,  the Personal Biography, and the Leadership Reference forms.  Once complete, you can email the forms to or mail them to the office.

You will be notified regarding the status of your personal approval.

If approved, a contract will be drafted and signed by both parties, making you a contractor for TTNF!  You will be given further instructions from TTNF administration.  and you will proceed with your trip!